We can grill up just about anything that's already dead: Slowly smoked savory ribs, pulled pork, steaks, chicken, 'Red Hot" Chicago dogs, seafood, burgers, bratwurst, or some very, limited edition Italian sausage that only the Grave Digger knows about.

And now featuring Santa Maria Style
Tri-Tip Barbecue!

"I had one of your tri tip sandwiches at the Packwood swap meet Labor Day week end want to tell you it was great. First time I ever had tri tip, now I am trying to cook one that is near that good, in my  smoker. I will be in Packwood for the Memorial Day festivities and will be looking for you."  --Bill Rehfield

Tell us about the event you're planning--we'll price it up for you.
(253) 875-0977

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