Grave Digger's Barbecue
Hardwood Fire-Grilled, ...the way it should be

We're dead serious undertaking arrangements to create memorable smokin' party experiences your guests will really dig.

Call us for a custom quote to fit your needs.

The Old Blue Hearse carries a genuine casket/grill for smaller parties (up to 50). Or for the REALLY BIG occaisions (up to 150), we'll haul out the Meat Wagon--a wickedly huge, wood/charcoal, stainless steel grill/smoker, plus a cannibal size open pit grill and two fish fry propane burners.

Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions, Birthdays & "Over-the-hill" Parties, Divorces, Showers, Graduations, Holidays, Retirement, Car Shows, Wakes, Open Houses, Brokers' Opens and any other event not listed.

...or any other reason you can think of, after all, any day this side of the dirt is a great day to celebrate!

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